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Important Update: Licensing System Now Live

The North Dakota Board of Nursing is excited to announce that our new licensing system is now live. You can access the system by clicking "Nurse Portal" in the below navigation bar. Learn more by reading our news release at: https://www.ndbon.org/article.asp?id=190.

ND Board of Nursing Nurse Portal

The Board has determined that the applicant is responsible for the application integrity which includes all answers provided in the application for licensure/registry.  If an applicant allows another person or party to complete the application on their behalf, it does not relieve them of the responsibility of the application accuracy.  

To avoid potential discipline related to submission of misinformation from the third party, the Board recommends that applicants complete the application themselves, make the payment at the time of application, and submit their receipt of payment to the third party for reimbursement of the application fees. 

The North Dakota Board of Nursing (NDBON) is excited to announce that our new licensing system is now live. This update is designed to improve your experience and streamline the licensing process, making it easier and faster to apply for a license, registration, renew and much more. 

New System Features:

  • Apply for or renew your license/registration
  • View the progress of your applications
  • Download copies of your applications and receipts
  • Receive messages directly from the NDBON
  • Update your contact information

To access our Nurse Portal, click the "Nurse Portal" button on our website navigation bar, or visit: https://ndbon.boardsofnursing.org/ndbn/

We look forward to new features rolled out in the coming months including an update allowing you to utilize the portal on any mobile device. 

New Verification Portal and Potential Violation Report System

Our system update also includes a new verification portal to lookup the status of any license/registration issued by the NDBON. The link to this portal can be found at: https://ndbon.boardsofnursing.org/licenselookup.

In addition, we also launched a new complaint portal, making it easier to submit a complaint or potential violation report (PVR). This can be accessed by visiting: https://www.ndbon.org/Compliance-Discipline/ReportingViolations.asp

How to Create Your Account:

  1. Visit ndbon.boardsofnursing.org/ndbn.
  2. Click the "Create an Account" button.
  3. Read the terms and conditions and click "I Agree" to continue.
  4. If you have previously held a license/registration/temp permit/work authorization, click "Yes" and proceed by looking up your account using your first name, last name, and license type, or by license number. If you have never held a license/registration/temp permit/work authorization issued by the ND Board of Nursing, click "No" and skip to part six of these instructions.
  5. Click "Select Nurse" once you have located your record. You will then need to provide the last four digits of your social security number and birth year to confirm your record.
  6. After confirming your record, provide an email address and password to create your account. Be sure to use a non-work email address.
  7. You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your account. Check your spam folder if you do not receive the email after a few minutes. Clicking the link in the email will finalize your account setup.
  8. Congratulations! You have now created your Nurse Portal account. You can access your account by clicking the "Nurse Portal" link on our navigation bar or by visiting ndbon.boardsofnursing.org/ndbn.
  9. After creating and confirming your account, you can log back into the Nurse Portal to submit an application.

View Our Nurse Portal Video Tutorial:

Page Updated: 6/24/2024 9:27:16 AM