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Medication Assistant III

The Medication Assistant III may perform the intervention of administering medications to the client in an ambulatory health care setting. The licensed nurse must be available to monitor the client's progress and the effectiveness of the prescribed medication regimen. Delegation of mediation administration in acute care settings or for individuals with unstable or changing nursing care needs is specifically precluded by these rules. See Chapter 54-07-05 in the Administrative Rules and Regulations for specifics. 

While current certification through one of the Board-approved agencies allows a Medical Assistant to hold UAP registry, the Board determined (per NDCC43-12.1 and NDAC 54-07-05) that online-only education does not qualify an individual for MAIII registry. A qualified MAIII applicant must have received medication administration training through an in-person clinical component to prepare the applicant to administer medications in their role as a Medical Assistant.  

Review/revised 11/23

Resources Updated: 6/21/2023 10:10:38 AM