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Employment Verification Policy

In order to obtain or retain active status nursing licensure, a nurse must be able to provide verification of employment in nursing that meets or exceeds four hundred hours within the preceding four years.  Any nurse who has not actively practiced nursing in North Dakota for four years or more must meet the following requirement before a license to practice is issued (NDAC 54-02-05-05):
  Provide the board with proof of one of the following:

  1. Practice as a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse which meets or exceeds four hundred hours within the preceding four years in another jurisdiction.  
  2. Completion of a refresher course in nursing, in accordance with board guidelines, within the preceding year.
  3. Successful completion of a clinical nursing course in a board-recognized nursing program to further  nursing education.
  4. Other evidence the licensee wishes to submit which would provide proof of nursing competence.

Individuals who engage in nursing practice on a volunteer basis may apply those hours in lieu of employment verification.  An individual who performs nursing tasks for a family member may apply those hours in lieu of employment verification on a case by case basis as approved by the Board providing such practice meets the definition of nursing as defined in NDCC 43-12.1-02 (5). 

43.12.1-02. DEFINITIONS.
  "Nursing" means the performance of acts utilizing specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities for people in a variety of settings.  The term includes the following acts, which may not be deemed to include acts of medical diagnosis or treatment or the practice of medicine as defined in chapter 43-17;

  1. The maintenance of health and prevention of illness.
  2. Assessing and diagnosing human responses to actual or potential health problems.
  3. Providing supportive and restorative care and nursing treatment, medication administration, health counseling and teaching, case finding and referral of    individuals who are ill, injured, or experiencing changes in the normal health processes. 
  4. Administration, teaching, supervision, delegation, and evaluation of health and nursing practices.
  5. Collaboration with other health care professionals in the implementation of the total health care regimen and execution of the health care regimen prescribed by a health care practitioner licensed under the laws of this state.

Hours submitted for verification, whether they are volunteer hours, care of family, or actual employment, must be consistent with this definition of nursing.

Individuals submitting practice hours involving care of family must submit a journal or such other documentation as the Board may require that provides at least weekly documentation of care utilizing knowledge and skills that meet the definition of nursing.

The documentation, which is submitted by the individual, will be reviewed by the Board on a case by case basis.  If the documentation submitted does not show sufficient evidence by which the Board may determine that the practice fits the definition of nursing the individual shall be notified by the Board that the hours submitted do not meet the criteria set forth in the law and rules.

Adopted: 07/96
Reviewed/Revised: 10/21