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Unlicensed Assistive Persons, Technicians

and Medication Assistant III Registry

Unlicensed assistive persons who carry out delegated nursing interventions must hold current registry status either on the North Dakota Board of Nursing (NDBON) registry or on another state registry recognized by the board.

The NDBON manages the registry for:

  • Unlicensed Assistive Persons (UAP)
    • School Personnel
    • Technicians
      • Surgical Technicians
      • Dialysis Technicians
      • Medical Assistants
  • Medication Assistant III (must also be on the UAP registry)
    • Includes Nursing students who have completed one semester of pharmacology and the required nursing curriculum
    • Medical Assistants who wish to administer medications

Initial UAP applicants, including school personnel and technicians, must submit the following:

  1. A completed Unlicensed Assistive Person application;
  2. A criminal history record check (and fees associated with this) according to chapter 54-07-02.1;
  3. Nonrefundable fee listed on application;
  4. Technicians must also submit:
    1. verification of completion of a recognized formal training program (official transcript if applicable), or
    2. current certification by a board recognized national body;
  5. If applying as a student technician, must also submit a “Verification of Enrollment Form”.

Initial Medication Assistant III applicants must be either a Medical Assistant or a Nursing Student and be on the UAP registry.  Initial applicants must submit the following:

  1. A completed Medication Assistant III application
    1. If not currently on the NDBON UAP registry, pay additional fee listed on application for UAP 
  2. A criminal history record check (and fees associated with this) according to chapter 54-07-02.1;
  3. Nonrefundable fee listed on application;
  4. A copy of your certification from AAMA, NHA, NCCT or AMT; and
  5. An official transcript which verifies the individual has completed an in person clinical component. This must be sent directly from the school or training facility.
  6. Nursing students must submit a “Verification of Eligibility for Medication Assistant Registry” form.

Temporary permit:

Upon receipt of an application for UAP or Medication Assistant III registration, payment of the fee as set by the board, and evidence that the applicant will meet all the requirements for registration in North Dakota, the board may issue a temporary permit to practice in this state. The temporary permit expires at the end of 90 days and is non-renewable.  The applicant is responsible for completing all requirements for registry prior to the end of those 90 days.

Renewal of Registration:

  1. Initial registration will be subject to renewal on or before June 30th of the second year following and every two years thereafter.
    1. Failure to receive the renewal notification does not relieve the registrant of the obligation to renew the registration by the expiration date.
  2. Online renewal is available between April and June of the year the registry expires.  No paper renewals are available.
    1. Complete online renewal;
    2. Submit nonrefundable renewal fee via credit or debit card at the end of the online renewal process;
    3. During online renewal, verification of competency or verification of current certification by a board recognized national body is required.
  3. Medication Assistant III renewal for Nursing Students is only available with updated “Verification of Eligibility for Medication Assistant Registry” form.  
  4. The registration fee for any practicing unlicensed assistive person will be doubled for any renewal application received in the board office after the expiration date.

Reactivation of a registration:

An unlicensed assistive person previously registered in North Dakota who applies for reactivation must meet board requirements and submit the following:

  1.  A completed reactivation application;
  2. Criminal history record check (and fees associated with this) according to chapter 54-07-02.1;
  3. Nonrefundable registry fee and $30 reactivation fee; and
  4. Documentation of competency or evidence of current certification or registration by board-recognized national bodies acceptable to the board.

The Nurse Assistant/Nurse Aides (NA/CNA) and Medication Assistant I & II Registries are managed by the North Dakota Department of Health.  Contact them at 701-328-2353 or refer to their website at: www.ndhealth.gov/hf/North_Dakota_certified_nurse_aide.htm

Medication Assistant III - ND Board of Nursing (ndbon.org)

The Medication Assistant III may perform the intervention of administering medications to the client in an ambulatory health care setting.  The licensed nurse must be available to monitor the client's progress and effectiveness of the prescribed medication regimen.  Delegation of medication administration in acute care settings or for individuals with unstable or changing nursing care needs is specifically precluded by these rules.  See Chapter 54-07-05 in the Administrative Rules and Regulations for specifics.

While current certification through one of the Board-approved agencies allows a Medical Assistant to hold UAP registry, the Board determined (per NDCC 43-12.1 and NDAC 54-07-05) that online-only education does not qualify an individual for MA III registry.  A qualified MAIII applicant must have received medication administration training through an in-person clinical component to prepare the applicant to administer medications in their role as a Medical Assistant.

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