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Board Approved Programs of Nursing Closures

Voluntary or Withdrawl of Board Approval

The following is a list of all nursing education programs that have closed voluntarily or as a result of withdrawal of Board approval.

According to North Dakota Administrative Code, Article 54-03.2, Chapter 54-03.2-07, Section 54-03.2-07-08. Publishing Approval Status. The Board shall annually publish a list of programs and the approval status of each program.

Program Type Program Name Date of Status Change Board Action
Associate of Applied Science Practical Nursing (AASPN) Turtle Montain Community College
Belcourt ND 58316
(701) 477-7862

August 12, 2016 The ND Board of Nursing took the following action related to the Turtle Mountain Community College, Associate of Applied Science Practical Nursing Education Program:

The Board voted to :
Approve the request from Turtle Mountain Community College AASPN Program for Voluntary Closure of their Nursing Prgram according to NDAC 54-03.2-09-02 upon receipt of a formal letter from the College or as of August 26, 2016; whichever comes first.