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NDBON Endorses NDMIRT Position Statement for APRN's Performing/Supervising Fluoroscopy

On April 22, 2021, the North Dakota Board of Nursing (NDBON) endorsed the following position statement on APRN scope of practice related to the supervision/performance of fluoroscopy as presented by the ND Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Board (NDMIRT). The position statement reflected collaborative discussions between the NDBON and NDMIRT as noted in the below July 2020 meeting minutes.

July 2020 NDBON Minutes


8.2.1 APRN and Fluoroscopy
Simonson, NDBON SAAG, was present for agenda item. Shirley Porter, President of the ND Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Board (NDMIRTB) and Allyson Hicks NDMIRTB AAG addressed the NDBON with concerns related to APRN’s being trained to perform and supervise fluoroscopy in the state. Staff reported a Practice Division conference call with an APRN in ND inquiring about scope of practice and fluoroscopy, as the facility was training the APRN internally on fluoroscopy procedures. It was recommended that the APRN schedule a conference to include the facility due to the following: 1) there are pertinent laws and rules across three state agencies including NDMIRTB, NDBON, and NDDoH/Department of Environmental Quality to consider; 2) there is a national certification for fluoroscopy; and 3) fluoroscopy is not included in APRNs curriculum or certification. The APRN did not follow up with a conference call to further discuss these concerns. The NDBON reviewed a potential draft statement initiated by the Practice Division to address scope of practice of practice and fluoroscopy; however, the NDBON reported more information would be needed from the other state agencies and facilities to understand the actual practice in question. Staff will continue to explore and monitor the issue.

Refer to the NDMIRT document here https://www.ndmirtboard.com/resources/Boardpositionstatements.asp