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Important Update: Licensing System Now Live

The North Dakota Board of Nursing is excited to announce that our new licensing system is now live. You can access the system by clicking "Nurse Portal" in the below navigation bar. Learn more by reading our news release at: https://www.ndbon.org/article.asp?id=190.

Major Programmatic Changes Guidelines 

According to NDAC 54-03.2-06-02 Programmatic Changes, pre-licensure nursing education programs approved by the ND Board of Nursing must submit major programmatic changes to the board for approval prior to implementation. Programs are to collaborate with the NDBON Associate Director of Education and provide a letter to the board describing the details of the programmatic changes and when the changes are expected to commence.

The following pre-licensure program actions qualify as major programmatic changes requiring prior approval by the board (requires a motion and approval):

  1. Addition of a new course
  2. Deletion of a current course
  3. Overall curriculum design revisions
  4. Change in overall credit hours required for program completion (addition or deletion)
  5. Enrollment increase or decrease equal to or greater than 8 students or 25% of current admission
  6. Addition or deletion of a program site
  7. Addition, change, or deletion of a degree offered by the nursing program
  8. Change in mission, philosophy, student learning objectives for the program
  9. Change in organizational structures affecting the nursing division

The following program actions qualify as notifications to the board (does not require a motion or approval)

  1. Change in name of program/track/school
  2. Change in delivery format of partial or all of the program
  3. Change in program administration (new director’s, chairs, coordinator’s)
  4. Higher Learning Commission and other national accreditation updates

The following program actions are not required to be presented to the board, if approved internally by program/school:

  1. Change in course title
  2. Change in course specific details (description, objective, content, credit hours)
  3. Change in admission criteria
  4. Change in general education requirements
  5. Change in program specific student or faculty policies


Adopted: 07/14


Page Updated: 7/24/2014 2:48:28 PM