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North Dakota Prescription Drug Monitoring

In October 2016 rules were implemented as part of the ND Administrative Code for the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse providing requirements for utilization of the ND Prescription Drug Monitoring Program for all prescribers.

54-05-03.1-10(4) Authority to Prescribe.

An advanced practice registered nurse with prescriptive authority who prescribes controlled substances has access to the North Dakota prescription drug monitoring program and shall utilize the prescription drug monitoring program in the following manner:

  1. Shall evaluate a prescription drug monitoring program report for a client in the following situations:
    1. New or unestablished client requiring prescription for controlled substance;
    2. Every six months during treatment of client with a controlled substance;
    3. Client requests early refills or engages in a pattern of taking more than prescribed dosage; and
    4. Upon suspicion or known drug overuse, diversion, or abuse by client.
  2. Shall document evaluation of the prescription drug monitoring program reports made under this rule.
  3. c. May evaluate the prescription drug monitoring program report in the following situations:
    1. Long-term care settings;
    2. Controlled settings in which controlled substances are locked and administered to client;
    3. Treatment of client with terminal illness, cancer, or cancer-related disorders; and
    4. Hospice or palliative care settings.

54-05-03.1 Advanced Practice Registered Nurse


ND Drug Monitoring Program and Frequently Asked Questions


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