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Important Update: Licensing System Now Live

The North Dakota Board of Nursing is excited to announce that our new licensing system is now live. You can access the system by clicking "Nurse Portal" in the below navigation bar. Learn more by reading our news release at: https://www.ndbon.org/article.asp?id=190.

Probation Monitoring Plan


To assure patient/client safety and to ensure that the respondent is competent to practice or assist in the practice of nursing, the terms and conditions of the respondent’s Board Order may include specific requirements. 

DEFINITION (NDAC 54-01-03-01)

“Probation” means restrictions requirements, or limitations placed against a licensee or registrant through monitoring for a prescribed period of time.


  1. The Board of Nursing determines the period of time that the respondent’s license/registration to practice as a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, advanced practice registered nurse, or unlicensed assistive person in the State of North Dakota is placed on probation. 
  2. The Board of Nursing utilizes a Third Party Administrator (TPA) to receive online submissions of all required probation documentation.  The respondent shall submit all required probation documentation online, through the TPA's online portal.  Drug screen testing, if required, will also be managed through the TPS's online portal.
  3. The respondent will complete a minimum specified number of hours of nursing practice as determined by the Board and as identified in the Board Order. 
  4. The Board Order may require a respondent to submit or complete periodic work performance evaluations, self assessment reports, supervision/monitoring plan, continuing education or academic course study, and other such requirements as determined by the Board. 
  5. The respondent requiring educational courses to meet the terms and conditions of the Board Order is responsible to adhere to these requirements and to maintain documentation of having completed the required courses.   Education offerings can be located on the internet and through colleges, universities, and nursing programs.  Board ordered educational courses must have been accredited or approved for CE by one of the following:
  • The North Dakota Board of Nursing
  • NCSBN Learning Extension (www.learningext.com)
  • A health care regulatory board or professional organization of any state that is nationally accredited to approve CE. 
  1. The appropriate monitoring forms for required progress reports as identified in the respondent’s Board Order may be obtained through the TPA's online portal.
  2. Reporting requirements for the duration of the Board Order:

Initial reports are due within thirty (30) days of the date of the Board Order.

Monthly reports are due by the tenth day of the next calendar month (i.e., May reports are due by June 10th).

Quarterly reports are due by the 10th day of January, April, July, and October.

Although other individuals may need to submit documents on their behalf, the respondent has the ultimate responsibility for carrying out the provisions of the Board Order.

  1. The respondent will pay an encumbrance monitoring fee of thirty dollars ($30) per month.  Payment is due by the tenth day of each calendar month for the duration of the encumbrance.   Billing statements will not be issued.  Any non-sufficient funds (NSF) payment will require all future payments in the form of a money order. 
  2. It is the responsibility of the respondent to duly monitor all status aspects of the respondent’s Board Order, including meeting all deadlines and submitting all required documentation on a timely basis.     
  3. Violation of any term of probation, condition, or limitation imposed by the Board may will be viewed as non-compliance and may result in referral to the Compliance Advisory Council for consideration of further disciplinary action or the issuance of a Letter of Concern and assessment of administrative fee.

First Letter of Concern          $100
Second Letter of Concern     $150
Third Letter of Concern         $200

  1. In the event of noncompliance of a Board Order or further violation of Nurse Practices Act, materials submitted by the respondent or on the behalf of the respondent can and will be used as evidence of grounds for disciplinary action by the Board.

Approved 05/01
Reviewed/Revised 02/19

Page Updated: 4/12/2017 2:26:58 PM