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Speciality Practice Licensure

54-05-03.2-04 Initial requirements for specialty practice registered nurse licensure. The board of nursing shall restrict the issuance of the specialty license to the registered nurse who has submitted evidence of specialization within a defined area of nursing practice.

 Applicants for specialty practice registered nurse licensure must:

  1. Possess a current license to practice as a registered nurse in North Dakota;
  2. Submit evidence of experiential expertise gained through the clinical aspect of coursework or employment or submit evidence of additional educational preparation in continuing education programs or formal education in a board-approved program;
  3. Submit evidence of current certification by a national certifying body in the specific area of nursing practice;
  4. Submit a completed notarized application and pay the appropriate fee listed on the application;
  5. Submit a scope of practice statement for review and approval by the board; and
  6. Submit other activities as approved by the board.
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