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Reporting Violations

Protection of the public is enhanced by the reporting of incidents that may be in violation of North Dakota statutes or grounds for disciplinary action by the board.

Anyone, including a public citizen, patient, family member, co-worker, employer, facility, other regulatory agencies, and even the Board, may file a complaint against a licensed nurse for alleged violations of the Nurse Practices Act. Any person who has knowledge of conduct by a licensed nurse that may have violated a nursing law or rule in North Dakota may report the alleged violation to the North Dakota Board of Nursing.

As stated in the Nurse Practices Act (NDCC 43-12.1-11), the law mandates licensees to report to the Board any knowledge of the performance by others those acts or omissions that are violations of the Nurse Practices Act or grounds for disciplinary action set forth in NDCC 43-12.1-14

Complete the Potential Violation Report (PVR) by choosing the button below.  Include a written synopsis of the nature of the complaint with detail.  You may attach additional documentation if desired.

The person named in the allegation may be given a copy of the PVR in order for the Respondent to submit a written response to the allegations. Such document may be an open or public record under NDCC 44-04-18.

Depending on the complexity and nature of the case, availability of information, coordination and cooperation of witnesses and the licensee, the disciplinary process, including the investigation, proceeding, and disposition of a case, can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to a year or more. Each case is unique and needs to be considered on its own merits. On average, cases are resolved within 45-60 days from the date they are received in the board office until the date the investigation is completed and the matter is resolved.

Please note that anonymous complaints failing to include supporting details or evidence may result in an unopened investigation. 

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