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Important Update: Licensing System Now Live

The North Dakota Board of Nursing is excited to announce that our new licensing system is now live. You can access the system by clicking "Nurse Portal" in the below navigation bar. Learn more by reading our news release at: https://www.ndbon.org/article.asp?id=190.

License by Endorsement FAQ

Q.   How do I endorse into North Dakota?

A.   Endorse into North Dakota by completing the online application process for Initial License by Endorsement found under "Nurse Licensure", "Initial License by Endorsement".  Submit all the necessary documents listed on this page under "To Apply". 

Q.   How long is initial license valid?

A.   Applicants for initial licensure by endorsement or examination shall receive a license expiring December 31 of the following year as part of the application fee. 

Q.  Does North Dakota require a Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) background check or criminal history record check for nurses?

A.  YES.  All individuals seeking reinstatement, reactivation, or initial licensure as a nurse in the state of North Dakota must submit to the Board, along with the other requirements for licensure/registration, the required documents and fee made payable to Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) for the purpose of obtaining a Criminal History Record Check (CHRC) from BCI and the FBI.

Q.  How do I obtain verification of licensure status from ND if I am moving to another state?

A.  Go to the Nursys website at www.nursys.com.  From this site complete the process online with a credit card.  Follow the instructions on the website or form.   The online process will allow the state to which you are moving to obtain the required ND verification information from the Nursys system after you apply.  

Q.   Are records from other nursing boards required?

A.   Yes. License verification is required from your original state of licensure.  Most Boards of Nursing use the Nursys system for license verification.  To see which Boards of Nursing participate in Nursys please go to www.nursys.com  and choose "Nurse License Verification for endorsement participating board of nursing". 

If your original state of licensure does not participate in Nursys, you will need to complete the Verification of Licensure form and forward the form to your original state of licensure.  Most states charge a fee for completing a verification form.  Please contact the appropriate state for fee information.
If you do not hold an active license in your original state of licensure, you are required to submit a second verification of licensure form from the state in which you hold an active license and were most recently employed. 

Q.   How long is the process?

A.   Once all of the completed paperwork, including Criminal History Record Check (CHRC) report, and fees are received in the Board office, allow a least seven (7) to 10 business days for full licensure.  Note:  The CHRC process takes 10-14 business days to complete before the Board recieves a CHRC report.  A temporary permit will be issued once the Board office has received the application, fee, and either an official transcript from your school of nursing or Verification of licensure.  If nursing practice occurred outside of the USA, a Verification of Employment form completed by the previous employer must also be submitted.

Q.   How do I check the status of my endorsement application?

A.    To track the progress of your application, choose "Application Status" - those items listed without dates next to them have not been received in our office yet.  You may choose "Verify" to see if your license has been issued.  If it has not been issued, you may email the Board office by choosing "Contact Us" at the bottom of the website.

Q.   How long does an incomplete endorsement application stay active in the NDBON files?

A.   Incomplete endorsement applications remain active for one year from the date they are initially received in the NDBON office.

Q.   What is the average length of time for a nurse who is licensed in another jurisdiction, and who meets ND’s criteria for licensure, to receive a temporary permit to practice nursing in ND? 

A.   Once the application for licensure by endorsement, endorsement fee, and the official transcript from the school of nursing or verification of licensure is received in the board office, a temporary permit is usually issued within three (3)- five (5) working days.

Q. Can I be granted a temporary permit for license by endorsement while waiting for the results of the CHRC?

A.  Yes.  The board may grant a 90-day non-renewable temporary permit to an applicant for initial licensure by endorsement who has applied for a CHRC provided the applicant has met all other requirements for the temporary permit. 

Q.   How long does a temporary permit remain active?

A.   Temporary permits are issued for 90 days.

Q.  Can I complete any orientation (including classroom instruction and reading policy and procedures) prior to receiving a nursing license, permit, or work authorization?

A.  No.  The ND Board of Nursing reaffirmed the position in 2018, as adopted and reaffirmed in 1987 and 1998, that orientation to a position that requires a nursing license, permit, or work authorization is considered nursing practice and therefore requires that the individual be properly licensed or authorized to practice for the position to which they are being oriented.

Q.  Can I work on a nursing unit in a position other than as a licensed nurse?

A.  If a nurse holds licensure in ND and chooses to work in a position other than nursing, and the job description does not include use of nursing knowledge, skills, and abilities, the individual is free to do so.  However, the individual cannot claim those hours for nursing practice hours for purposes of maintaining eligibility for licensure.
An individual applying for nurse licensure in ND must be authorized to practice nursing if hired in any nursing position that reqires nursing knowledge, regardless of the title.  This is done by obtaining a work authorizatin or permit.  

  • Exception:  If the individual is licensed, registerd or authorized toperform the work required in that position.  For example, a nurse who is registered as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) may work in the CNA role without having a license, permit or work authorization to practice nursing.  (October 25, 2018 Board motion).


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