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Graduates of International Nursing Education Programs
are Eligible to Apply for Licensure by Examination if:


  • You have a U.S. Social Security Number


  • You submit the certificate issued by the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) if you were educated outside the USA. The CGFNS certificate is not required of graduates of Canadian English-speaking schools.  For more information on the certificate program go to www.cgfns.org.


  • Your nursing education program meets North Dakota's requirements for nursing education programs. You must have your nursing education program transcript evaluated for compatability to North Dakota education requirements by a national credentialing service.


  • You request and complete the required applications and submit one to the board office and one to the testing service, pay the required fees and arrange to have a college transcript sent directly to the board office from your nursing program or the credentialing service.