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Public Notices

Public Notices are completed approximately two weeks after each Board meeting.  The Public Notice is a list of all disciplinary actions taken by the Board.  Five years of Public Notices are below in .pdf format. 

To view individual public disciplinary documents: 

Choose "Verify" from the above ribbon or one of the Verify links below.  You will need the individual's social security number or ND license/registration number to verify the licensure status and to view the public disciplinary documents associated with the individual. 

  1. Discipline history displays on each licensee's/registrant's record along with a link for the discipline public records.
  2. The Board Orders attached to the "Verify" section are certified as true and correct copies by the ND Board of Nursing.
  3. To verify ND disciplinary action against a licensee's privilege to practice who is licensed in another compact state check www.nursys.com
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