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Reactivation of Inactive License FAQ

How do I get my license back?
Reactivation- Any time your license is on inactive status, you may "reactivate" your license by:  

  • completing at least the minimum number of required contact hours of approved CE within 24 months immediately preceding reactivation of your license AND
  • meeting or exceeding four hundred hours of  nursing practice in the preceding four years

If I complete a refresher course to reactivate my license, can I use the contact hours obtained for my next renewal cycle?
Yes, the refresher course contact hours can be used for the first renewal cycle after reactivation of your license.

What do I need to do if I have not practiced for four or more years in North Dakota?
Any APRN, RN, or LPN who has not actively practiced in North Dakota for four years or more must meet the following requirements before a license to practice is issued:

  1. Complete the reactivation application
  2. Pay the renewal/reactivation fee
  3. Provide to the board for approval, proof of one of the following:
    1. Practice as a licensed RN or LPN which meets or exceeds 400 hours with the preceding four years in another state, territory or country.  
    2. Completion of a refresher course in nursing within the preceding year.
    3. Successful completion of a clinical nursing course in a board-recognized program to further nursing education.
    4. Other evidence the licensee wishes to submit which would provide proof of nursing competence.


Board approved: 3/04
Reviewed/Revised:  12/21