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Continuing Education

The Nurse Practices Act now contains continuing education requirements in Section 43-12.1-20. The Board determined in Section 54-02-05-08 that continuing education for purposes of relicensure must meet or exceed twelve (12) contact hours within the preceding two (2) years. This rule became effective April 1, 2004.

Continuing Education Online

For RN and LPN license renewal, the nurse must meet the continued competence requirements. Included in this requirement is the completion of 12 contact hours of continuing education. All CE required for license renewal may be obtained online.

• If you recently received your first license in North Dakota and took an examination to receive it, and this is your first renewal of that nursing license, you are NOT REQUIRED to have completed CE courses.
• If you received your first license in North Dakota by endorsement from another state in the year you are renewing, you must complete 6 contact hours for renewal of your nursing license.

The availability of online continuing education provides many opportunities for nurses to obtain contact hours needed to meet this requirement. We have included various links to sites for continuing education in the "Links" section above. These sites are not endorsed by the Board of Nursing but are provided only for informational purposes regarding the availability of online CE courses.

Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure you meet these requirements and to maintain documentation of having completed the contact hours. If audited, you will be required to produce the appropriate documentation to verify contact hours.