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About the Board


The staff of the NDBON is here to serve you and assist with issues regarding licensing renewal, verification, and any other questions you may have regarding the nursing profession in North Dakota.

Constance B. Kalanek, RN Executive Director
General Office Management
Practice and Licensure
Continuing and Academic Education Issues
Investigations/Discipline Issues
Nursing Education Loan Program

Karla Bitz, RN, Associate Director
Practice and licensure
Investigations/Discipline Issues
Workplace Impairment Program

Patricia Hill, RN, Assistant Director for Practice & Discipline
Practice and Licensure
Investigations/Discipline Issues
Unlicensed Assitive Person Initial Application & Renewal

Stacey Pfenning, RN, Associate Director for Education
Approval Process for Colleges & Universities
Academic Education Issues and APRN practice
Course Approval for Refresher Courses/IV Therapy
NCLEX RN and PN Testing

Julie Schwan, Administrative Services Coordinator I
General Questions related to the Board
Nursing Education Loan Recipients
License by Endorsement or Examination
Continuing Education
Accounting/Payment Issues

Gail Rossman, Technology Specialist
General Questions related to the board
Verification of Licenses and Registries
Licensed nurse database
Compact License Issues
Statistics, Lists
Web site management
Online Renewal

Sally Bohmbach, Administrative Assistant II
General Questions related to the board
Application for Nursing Education Loan and APRN license
Nurse Assistant Competency Testing Program
Verification of Nurse Licenses and Registries

Kathy Zahn, Administrative Assistant III
General Questions related to the Board
Criminal History Record Check
Positive Response to Regulatory Questions
Administrative Settlement for Practice without License/Registration
Administrative Assistant for Executive Director