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Practice Statements Overview

According to the NDCC Nurse Practices Act 43-12.1-08 Power and Duties of the Board, the board shall regulate the practice of nursing to assure that qualified competent practitioners and high quality standards are available. Therefore, the North Dakota Board of Nursing issues practice statements on questions related to the scope of practice for the registered nurse and licensed practical nurse. The Board of Nursing recognizes that expanded technology and innovative healthcare models require ongoing adjustments in the delivery of nursing care. As such, the purpose of the practice statements are for guidance and assistance to the nurse in practice.

Regardless whether the Board has issued a practice statement determining that a specific activity is “within” the nursing scope of practice (NDAC CHAPTER 54-01-03-01(52) a licensed nurse is accountable to be competent for all nursing care that is provided. "Competence" means the application and integration of knowledge, skills, ability, and judgment necessary to meet standards (CHAPTER 54-01-03-01(14). Individual competency varies among nurses; when a nurse does not personally have the competence to perform an activity, such activity is “outside the scope” of practice for that nurse.

If you have a concern and would like a board opinion related to your practice complete the form Request for Practice Statement Related to Nursing Scope of Practice Questions and submit it to the Board office.