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Role of the RN in Gastroenterology Procedures

Practice Statement

  • It is within the scope of practice for a registered nurse to participate in gastroenterology procedures according to the standards set forth by  American Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates if the following requirements are met:
  1. Written policy and procedures are maintained by the facility.
  2. Verification of satisfactory completion of formal, continuing education programs and has supervised clinical practice.
  3. Has been authorized to perform the procedure.
  4. Has the knowledge, skill, and abilities for the task.
  5. Has qualified backup available.
  6. Documentation of satisfactory completion of the course of instruction and supervised practice is on file with the employer.
  7. Has direct supervision by the endoscopist.
  • The RN may delegate to the LPN or technician according to NDAC Chapter 54-05-04 Standards for Assignment and Delegation.

Adopted:  3/08
Reviewed/Revised:  10/12