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Role of The RN in
Administration of Anesthetic Agents

A licensed nurse who is not a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist may not administer general anesthesia or conscious/moderate sedation. 

The NDBON has determined there may be an exception to the above statement in the clinical settings described below.

It is within the Scope of Practice for the Registered Nurse to administer pharmaceutical drugs classified as anesthetic agents used for the purpose of sedation for the client if the following requirements are met:  

  1. To an intubated and/or ventilated client.
  2. During the intubation procedure in an emergency when assisting the licensed physician or anesthesia provider.
  3. For relief of refractory symptoms in intractable distress in the dying patient.

The facility must meet the following requirements:

  1. Written policies and procedures are approved by the organization;
  2. The Registered Nurse has completed a facility approved education program related to the above, and includes the following:
  • Documentation of satisfactory completion of the education program;
  • Supervised practice is on file with the employer, and
  • There is supervised clinical practice during the educational process,  which may be simulated;
  1. The Registered Nurse is authorized to administer anesthetic agents by the organization; and
  2. There must be qualified backup available as determined by facility policy to ensure client safety.

Administration or management of patients receiving anesthetic agents used for the purpose of sedation is outside of the scope of practice of the LPN.


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Adopted: 11/10
Reviewed/Revised:  07/13