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Practice Guidance

The Nurse Practices Act defines Unlicensed Assistive Person   in 43-12.1-02(9) DEFINITIONS.
“Unlicensed Assistive Person” means a person who is authorized by the board to perform nursing tasks delegated and supervised by a licensed nurse.
Unlicensed Assistive Person does not include a person whom:

  1. Is a licensed health care professional.
  2. Volunteers to provide Unlicensed Assistive Person  services without monetary compensation.

Volunteers utilized within nursing facilities must meet the following requirements:

  1. Has the knowledge, skills and abilities for the intervention.
  2. A written policy and procedure is maintained by the facility.
  3. Documentation of orientation, training, competency requirements and method of supervision is on file with the employer.
  4. Has qualified back up available.

Volunteerism is to be encouraged whenever possible.   The North Dakota Board of Nursing has a primary responsibility for protection of the public.  The fact that a volunteer is performing an nursing intervention does not negate the nurse’s practice responsibility.


Adopted:  3/01
Reviewed/Revised: 12/14