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Education Annual Report for Educators

All education programs will submit an annual report to the board to provide information pertaining to the fiscal year (July 1-June 30).  The board will provide each program with a log-in to complete the online report and will notify them each year of the dates the online process will be available. 

  • 54-03.2-07-09. Continuing compliance.
  • Each program shall submit an annual report to the board providing requested information pertaining to the time period between July first and June thirtieth.
  • A program with continuing compliance shall be re-evaluated:
    • At a minimum of every five years to ensure compliance with the standards for nursing education;
    • At the request of the nursing education program; or
    • At the discretion of the board.

The board requests that the following information be submitted to the board annually. Schools that conduct more than one program should complete a separate report for each program. DO NOT INCLUDE PRE-NURSING STUDENTS IN THIS REPORT.

  • Admissions
  • Enrollment Data (Total Program)
  • Satellite, Distance, or Online Campus Information
  • Graduates
  • Curriculum design - sequence of courses, number credit hours required for graduation - (Include website address where this can be accessed)
  • Major Nursing Practice Facilities by Course Per Academic Year - (Attach document)
  • Current College Catalog - (Send a hard copy catalog to ND Board of Nursing)
  • Student Handbook or Program Brochure Detailing Policies for Selection Requirements, Progression and Graduation - (Include website address where this can be accessed)
  • Explanation of How the Program Safeguards Student Health and Safety (Include website address where this can be accessed)
  • Program Evaluation Summary
  • Budget for Nursing Program and Attestation of Budget

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